BlockChain & Cryptocurrency

We provide Blockchain-based technology services We are a group of blockchain experts, we build the top crypto assets and related solutions which can be traded and exchanged in any blockchain network.

Our development services are,

  • Cryptocurrency  development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • Stable coin development
  • ICO / IEO Platforms

We have wide experience in creating tokens on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms. Our successful creatives include smart contracts for Token, Pre-Sale, and Crowd sale. Our state-of-the-art altcoin development guarantees the best crypto token development solution.

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We Build Smart Contracts on Blockchain Platforms

Cryptocurrency & Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency can be created using blockchain technology and cryptography techniques, these coins can be used in exchanges based on its value.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be deployed in any kind of industry. A lot of new Cryptocurrencies are still entering the market and it is the most preferred choice for various business needs such as online investment, transaction, tokenization, and much more.

There are lots of algorithms that can be used to develop Cryptocurrency one is Ethereum based smart contract standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, ERC827, ERC1400, ERC223, and much more.

We provide cutting edge Token Development Services for businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. With years of experience in development, we have become expertise at creating custom tokens on various smart contract standards based on our client’s requirement.

Cryptocurrency Wallet development

Crypto wallets are a virtual system that stores cryptocurrency details including private and public keys and interacts with various network blocks, to enable the user to send and receive cryptocurrencies and to view their balance. Since all the crypto trades are recorded only through its transactions, crypto wallets are essential.

Our team specializes in developing a highly secure Cryptocurrency Wallet for web and mobile devices (Android, iOS) which helps to manage your crypto-assets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services are

  • Decentralized Wallet Development
  • Web and Mobile Wallets
  • Customized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

A cryptocurrency wallet can be in any form, online or offline, or mobile or desktop or hardware or software.

Types of Cryptocurrency wallets

Full Node Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where users get the complete control of the private keys and have a copy of the entire blockchain.

Desktop Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where it can be stored in a desktop and has full access to the wallet and its private keys.

Software Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where you can store your token in a software. You can access it from desktop and mobile devices.

Universal Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where you can store your multiple addresses of different crypto tokens in this single wallet.

Web Wallet / Online Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where you can store your token in a web account and can access it from a relevant browser or mobile (which holds the crypto wallet access).

Coin-Specific Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where you can store your specific tokens or coins. This crypto wallet works only for those specific tokens or coins.

Mobile Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where it can pass the details like customer data securely from one end to another with the help of decentralized blockchain technology.

Custodial Wallet

Its a type of crypto wallets where the private keys will be stored in third-party servers.

Network-Specific Wallet

It’s a type of crypto wallet where you can store your tokens in a specific network.

Hardware Wallet

Its a type of crypto wallet where you can store your token in hardware, probably USB.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing BLOCKCHAIN Development

  • It is difficult to find or build mobile blockchain development but it’s not impossible, with the consideration of the right factors you can easily get your blockchain development.
  • System requirements, it’s one of the most important factors as you need to know what systems you need and what system you already have, whether the existing systems are compatible for your new blockchain requirements.
  • Company goals both short and long term goals impact the system, few goals might make you write for another set of different system requirements.
  • Availability of local network support and training support from the blockchain development company. Also need to check the capacity to adopt new future developments and support.
  • Recommendations and references from previous customers.