Custom Software Development

We develop custom software applications for specific requirements given by a customer. This development is also known as tailor made, as these customised versions won’t be given to another customer. 

Commercial softwares like COTS, Commercial Off-the-Shelf software applications are developed based on generalised requirements for the mass market, where each software product will be sold to multiple customers without any alterations in its features or functions. Example Operating Systems, etc.,

We offer both platform-specific and cross-platform development services to help you turn a solid software idea into a market sensation, as well as couple your manufactured devices and equipment with complementary software to gain customer loyalty and outdo competitors.

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Our Unique Offerings

Free Maintenance & Support for 2 Months

Weekly Reporting on Development Progress

Different Timezone Support SGT, EST & IST

Free Documentations for Future Versions

Our Full-cycle Development

Our full-cycle development starts with the thorough analysis of your business and comes all the way to final user training and after-release support. Depending on your specific needs, you can select the most appropriate approach from the options below.

  • Development based on a requirements specification
  • Development from scratch

Our Policies & Practices

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Software System

  • It is difficult to find or build custom software but it’s not impossible, with the consideration of the right factors you can easily get your custom software system.
  • System requirements, it’s one of the most important factors as you need to know what systems you need and what system you already have, whether the existing systems are compatible for your new custom software system requirements.
  • Company goals both short and long term goals impact the business system, few goals might make you write for another set of different business system requirements.
  • Availability of local network support and training support from the custom software development company. Also need to check the capacity to adopt new future developments and support.
  • Recommendations and references from previous customers.