Convert your existing retail store to an online store with our eCommerce solutions. Provide a convenient shopping experience for your new and existing customers.

Unlock new opportunities with a scalable solution:

  • Sell to anyone & anywhere.
  • Increase your reach, no physical location barrier.
  • Visibility to your brand.
  • Engage with customers like never before.
  • No more guessing, data-driven decision making.

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Our eCommerce Solutions

Single Vendor Store

Single vendor store is an eCommerce website where the seller will be selling products to many customers.

  • Creating and maintaining a relationship with one supplier is a lot easier than a multi-supplier environment.
  • Administrative costs and supplementary costs are less compared to Multi vendors.
  • It’s easy to incorporate orders into systems.

Multi-Vendor Store

A multi-vendor store is an eCommerce website where multiple vendors or sellers will be selling their products to many customers.

  • There will be business continuity even though one or more vendors are out of business.
  • As more vendors are involved, more standard operating procedures should be created. It standardises and improves business.
  • Increased competition results in more number of offers & discounts.

Customised Store
(requirement based)

Customised solutions are also available, we will be serving based on your requirements.

You can enjoy benefits of both single and multi vendor store in your customised store, where you can design the flow of your entire store.

Its highly customisable means lots of freedom to develop your store.

Our Easy to Use Features

Global Marketplace

Sell your products to global customers. Our eCommerce solutions give you all the necessary tools to do international transactions with a safe and secure environment.

Inventory Management

Know your Inventory stocks in a single dashboard, helps to know your available items and out of stock items instantly. Get alerts when stocks are low.

Order Payment Management

Receive orders and process them quickly with convenient and secure payment gateways like never before.

Customer Relationship

The customer is King, your customers will be your registered members. Build a strong customer relationship by knowing more about your customers, what they buy, and when they buy.Offer values to your customers like

  • Customer Loyalty Points – Reward your customers.
  • Promos & discounts – Surprise customers with promos and discounts.
  • Social Integration – Listen and allow customers to share their experiences.

Mobile Responsive

Make your online store have greater visibility and better user-friendly experience, no matter from which device (phones, tablets, etc) your customers connect.

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Factors to Consider to choose eCommerce System

  • It is difficult to find or build eCommerce software but it’s not impossible, with the consideration of the right factors you can easily get your eCommerce system.
  • System requirements, it’s one of the most important factors as you need to know what systems you need and what system you already have, whether the existing systems are compatible for your new eCommerce system requirements.
  • Company goals both short and long term goals impact the eCommerce system, few goals might make you write for another set of different system requirements.
  • Availability of local network support and training support from the eCommerce software development company. Also need to check the capacity to adopt new future developments and support.
  • Recommendations and references from previous customers.