what is web application, web framework & development?

Summary: Web application is a set of programs that runs on web server.

Web application is a set of programs that acts similar to a software, which runs on a web server. Anyone can access the web application in a web browser through the active internet.

We will see more about web application development and framework through out this content.

Web Server: It is a dedicated server that runs in a computer or server connected to the internet.

The goal of web servers is to process, store and deliver information to the clients. Web servers support server-side scripting, programming and scripting languages.

Web Browser: It is a software application which is designed and developed for accessing information on the internet.

Once a user requests information, it will be delivered from the web server to the user’s web browser page.

what is web application server?

Web server handles the HTTP requests and supports server scripting etcMost web servers serve only the static contents say images, html pages, files and videos. 

Web application server applies the business logic and serves the dynamic contents to the clients.

It runs based on a software framework which can handle the user data by applying special functionality to it offered by business or service.

Difference between web server & Web application server

Web ServerWeb Application Server
Handles Static ContentsHandles both Static & Dynamic Contents
Follows HTTP protocolFollows server protocol includes HTTP
Handles web based applications onlyHandles web application & enterprise applications.
No multi threading supportUses multi threading to support multiple requests at same time.

what is web application framework?

Web application framework is a set of tools and libraries that provides a foundation for developers to develop a web application.

It requires higher programming skills. We can create a web application from scratch using a web application framework.

People often get confused with CMS, Content management systems with frameworks. CMS have pre-defined modules which make web application development much easier compared to web application framework.

Types of web application frameworks

In olden days web servers used to have the application logic, where the app logic will be stored in the backend, however in modern days application logics are slowly moved to the client side for better user experience and to build progressive web apps.

  • Server side web application framework
  • Client side web application framework

Server side web application framework

The front end of the application has to serve the user interface and app logic should be on the server side, it handles HTTP requests, manages database systems and much more, however it lacks in the user engaging features.

Popular Server side web application frameworks are

  • Django – Developed in Python
  • Symfony – Developed in PHP
  • Express – Developed in Node.Js & Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails – Developed in Ruby
  • ASP.NET – Developed in C#

Client side web application framework

The client side web application framework provides more user responsive solutions, the popular frameworks are

  • React.Js
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.Js
  • Backbone
  • Semantic-UI

What is web application development?

Front end development is a part of web application development where the client side programming is used, here the client is referred to as web browser.

Commonly used programming languages are HTML, CSS, Javascript and etc.,

Back end development is the other part of web application development where the Server side programming creates a connection between client side programming, application source code and database servers.

Commonly used programming languages are Ruby, Java, PHP, Python & etc.,

Web application development is similar to any other application development, however it will be short and will have extensive testing phases. Which includes

  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Script Validation

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what is web application? | web application Development & Framework
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what is web application? | web application Development & Framework
Web application is a set of programs that runs on a web server. Web browser can access the web application. Web application development & framework.
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